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Google’s Customised Search Engine Release

On Tuesday night, 24th October 2006 Google launched its Customised Search Engine. This allows the owner of a website to allow customised searches using topic filters and specifying sites to be searched. A good overview of the Google Co-op and CSE is given by Vik Singh here.

More soon…

Feeds 2.0: Personalising the Infosphere

A speculative feature I alluded to in an earlier post (On ‘Contemporary’ Educational Technology – see below) appears to have become a reality in the intervening weeks. Feeds 2.0, a “Personalized Web 2.0 RSS Aggregator”, launched originally at an Innovate! conference in Zaragoza, Spain in May 2006,has been released in private beta form, with the promise of a public beta release in the near future.

According to the Feeds 2.0 Screencast, it’s a “free, web-based RSS aggregator that follows its users changing interests, and delivers information prioritised by those interests”

Feeds 2.0 features mentioned in various fansite blogs include:
memetracking: a process that clusters related items
tag cloud: which allows you to view all posts clustered within a topic tag, and
personalisation: which apparently tracks reading behaviour, “taking into account manual voting of items”.

This beta version of the application can also deal with written Chinese and there is a visualisation tool available.

A technical discussion on Feeds 2.0 is available here.

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