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QEDWiki: mash-up heaven?

IBM’s QEDWiki  was produced by the Emerging Internet Standards Group and promises to make it easy to construct online applications for the Web out of simple components or services.  Its creators describe it as “a browser-based assembly canvas”

QEDWiki can be used for a range of Web-based applications including; content management of pages, database form processing, collaborative writing, and mash-ups in general.

The software was written in PHP 5.0.  DHTML pages are rendered by the server and sent to a client machine for client-side processing.  Read IBM’s description on the alphaworks site.

Mash-up pages are easily constructed using a drag-and-drop approach.  Elements such as contact lists, SMS message listeners, RSS feeds and tag clouds can be dragged from a selection palette on to a construction area, then connected up in various ways.  It seems to be particularly suited to content syndication and social networking applications.  the alphaworks site contains demos, tutorials and an offer to create an instance of the software for businesses.


Also on the alphaworks site, aDesigner is “a disability simulator that helps Web designers ensure that their pages are accessible and usable by the visually impaired”. The software was designed by researchers Saito, Fukuda, Takagi, Maeda and Asakawa at IBM’s Tokyo Research Lab.

IBM offers a complimentary 90-day evaluation license of the software here.

Joost a Minute There

Joost Show and Tell

Joost is an online-video application based in Luxembourg that was put together by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, two Danish developers whose previous efforts include Kazaa and Skype. Joost enables entities such as studios or cable TV stations to distribute high-quality video over the Internet. 

The software enables users to channel-surf between shows and navigate backwards and forward within a show, much as one can do with a hard-drive DVD recorder.

Columnist Greg Sandoval of ZDNet comments that “the software replicates the TV-viewing experience better than many of the other companies trying to wed TV to the PC” –  Read his entire article here, or watch a CBS News video with a Joost Show and Tell on YouTube.
David Clark, Executive VP at Joost and CBS reporter Daniel Sieberg discuss the benefits of using Joost in IT environments and how it will revolutionise television.

Clearspace: A Collaboration Suite

Clearspace Software is described as a “collaboration suite” by its creators, Jive Software. It’s built around online, collaborative web-based technologies that include blogs, wikis and online discussions. The creators claim that having information in different media centralised on a server means easier sharing of information, making this approach more effective than e-mail.

The software suite is currently at the testing stage and will become available in February, according to Jive.

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