Studywiz 9.3 – mobile learning for schools?

Australia-based educational technology company, Etec Group, has recently released version 9.3 of it’s key product, Studywiz, described as “a dynamic learning platform for primary and secondary schools”. Study wiz is currently used in schools in 22 countries worldwide, including Australia, the UK, USA and China.

Studywiz provides teachers in schools with a multimedia platform for distributed learning and teaching. Release 9.3 has added a number of features that promote a mobile approach to learning, such as synching with iPods and iPhones, secure messaging, RSS feeds and a live chat facility. The developers emphasise the system’s facilitation of close participation between teachers, students and parents in the learning process. A built-in blog facility can be shared with other students or kept private, and a shared “eLocker” which seems to be similar to a wiki provides a repository for sharing of resources within a class.

Features that may be of of particular interest to academic and educational developers include an ePortfolio, sequenced activities, calendaring , and a global search facility.

While the system targets primary and secondary education, many of its features could find wider application in a tertiary context. Probably bears closer examination.


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