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SearchWiki: Customise your Googling

With SearchWiki you can now edit and rank your Google search results. If you’re logged in to a Google account, you’ll notice the addition of three extra icons to the listed results of a search;

SearchWiki Example

The up-pointing arrow is the “Promote” feature that allows you to move the selected result up the page. The “X” functions as a delete button, removing the result from the list. Finally, the “speech-balloon” icon at the end lets you add a comment to the item.

But wait, there’s more…  At the bottom of the search page, Google has added three links:

  • Add a Result gives you a chance to add a URL with a page that you want to include in the results the next time you use Google to search for your chosen term
  • See all my SearchWiki notes lists all your notes added to search results items on a single page, and
  • See all notes for this SearchWiki lets you see all comments added by others for the search term listed on a single page.

This addition to the Google experience is not controversy-free, however.  Some Google-watchers have already complained that the new features can’t be turned off.  Still, as it’s early days (4, and counting), you’d have to hope that Google will listen to the feedback and adjust SearchWiki accordingly.

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