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3D Google Maps

Checking out Street View in Google Maps recently I happened on a drop-down choice called “3D mode on” that suddenly turned the panorama green and red: anaglyph-image-style. Okay, I know that 3D Street View has actually been around since April, 2010, but I had never bothered to see what that actually meant until a couple of days ago. I slapped on a pair of green and red glasses borrowed from my daughter’s Space Atlas and there was my local street displayed in all its 3D glory. In a previous post, I discussed the impact of 3D technology on perception, but this experience brought the whole thing a lot closer to home.

In a related display approach Google has also created a Mobile maps 3D view  for Android 5.0 systems that morphs from a 2D overhead map into a dimensional view with 3D buildings and landmarks that re-orientate as you pan around the scene in “Compass” mode.  Here’s an introductory video:

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