T3 is a forum for exploring and discussing educational technologies and other (usually) related technologies that have a current or potential impact on learning and teaching, or on knowledge acquisition in general. The topics that appear may seem a little off-track at times but as you’ll see I always try to relate them to the general theme in some way. I’ll be looking at a range of approaches to e-Learning and discussing the pros and cons of various examples of applied technology and the research surrounding each one. So expect a mix of geeky stuff and educational theory, plus my own opinions and those of anyone willing to contribute comments.

The content of this blog is initially a mirror of an earlier ed tech blog I began in 2006 which is served from a WordPress MultiUser version at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Putting the content in a new setting will hopefully allow a wider audience in and promote some provocative thoughts on the direction that ed tech is taking as we move into 21C.

The “beyond…” part refers to commentary on emerging technologies that, from my point of view, have some impact on how we live , think or communicate. If you look through the archives you’ll probably notice that a recurring theme is technologies that scan or model the brain’s behaviour. For me this is getting close to the essence of knowledge representation – right down to the neuronal level, so expect themes that build on this topic as a starting point.

Please add your comments, suggest themes, or constructively criticise anything you see here.

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