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Forvo: learning and teaching pronunciation – online

Here’s a great example of a collaborative online resource that relies on its users for most of its content – not unlike the model used by Wikipedia:

Forvo is an online pronunciation resource that is built by its many users. It currently has a database of 210 languages including all major western, african and asian languages and some more obscure ones such as; Occitan (Southern France), Hawaiian, Sudanese (East Africa) and Quechua (Peru). The total number of words currently held is 203,463 but only around 66% of these (133,030) have recorded pronunciations so far. The site lists words awaiting pronunciation recordings as “pending”, and encourages users to add their own recorded pronunciation of the word.  The recorded file is tagged with the user’s location so that anyone using the guide has an idea of how likely the recording is to be influenced by regional accents or dialects.  Someone fromn North Carolina, for example, would probably pronounce “house” rather differently from a resident of Manchester in the UK.  For this reason, Forvo encourages its users to add their own pronunciation of a word, even if a recording already exists.

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