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Hyperscope: thought processing?

Hyperscope is a software tool designed to allow a user to get control of how a document is accessed, viewed and used. For example, it lets you add customised links for navigation within a document. It’s also described as a “thought processor” because it can effectively create a mindmap of the ideas being presented by a document’s author.

Doug Englebart, the co-inventor of the mouse (with colleague Bill English) and a document linking system (hypertext) came up with the original concept for the Hyperscope, the NLS/Augment hypertext system. Augment is an extension to NLS, Englebart’s original hypertext system.

What seems to be new about Hyperscope is that it gives you the ability to change howe you view a document (through viewspecs) and how you address different parts of it. I’ll be adding more to this rant soon, once I’ve had a chance to put an open source download of Hyperscope through its paces…

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